A Brief Hiatus

Looking on this site in retrospect, it should be noted that I was encouraged to create a blog to put my work out there in the ether of the Internet by many of the overwhelmingly supportive teachers I had in my high school days. I did so, but was entirely disheartened after letting it fall into a sort of angst-ridden ruin of vents and emotionally-fuelled drama. While the majority of what has been published here are works from my high school English days, I have since removed many of the incoherent ramblings that were posted as products of my looking-back-to-the-past-and-being-sad-about-it sort of phase. These things do not, and did not ever, represent me as a person or an aspiring writer, but I’m glad I wasted some time on them. I’ve even come to dislike the domain name of this blog, but can’t bring myself to change it because 1-I’m technologically too challenged to and 2-never have the words “the shadows of yesterday” been more apt than in the situation of my entirely bizarre little online portfolio. I have been on a journey of true self-discovery–in fact, I still am, and am entirely happy with my direction. I feel like I can write again (perhaps not frequently, but frequency is not what ultimately matters). All of my old writer’s block is gone, I have moved on from the past, and I have gained an education well enough to resume putting things out into the world.
To you, my reader, whatever your origins may be–be you my family, my friend, and old mentor of mine (if so, you’re still my teacher and you always will be), or one who stumbled across my little blog at some point during its creation, I’d like to thank you for sticking around through my little hiatus. Things are coming for you from me, though I’m not sure I would call them a reward for your patience–you’ll have to be the judge of that.
Really, you can probably expect more of the same.


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